Bowspring yoga

Movement of the 21st century

Can you imagine moving as lightly and elegantly as a gazelle or to prowl like a panther, all the while practicing deep mindfulness? Welcome to Bowspring.

Bowspring is part of an emergent paradigm in alignment and biomechanics that’s geared towards movement and freedom. A development which is long overdue seeing the prevalence of, e.g., (low) back pain in modern society. Sitting has been dubbed the new smoking, but a more accurate definition would be inactivity: this is becoming even clearer seeing that most back pain prevention tips are about movement and posture.


The shape of the Bowspring is about a neutral position in all the joints, resulting in the natural double S curve of the spine, which requires an anteriorly tipped pelvis and the orbit of the eyes to be perpendicular to the ground. It is so radically different from what we have understood therapeutic alignment to be in the past years, that there are some hurdles to be overcome.

Subconscious beliefs, unconscious (cultural) patterning as well as just moving our bodies in completely different ways than we’re used to: we have to break through years worth of fascial fuzz.

bow: something bent into a simple curve or arc.

spring: an elastic device, used to exert constant tension or absorb movement.

Bowsprings focus point in the body is the fascia. Fascia is the web of connective tissue that connects every part of our body to every other part. In a 2D version you might think of it as a spiderweb, in a 3D version it’s more like a human (animal) body. Changes in the tension of the fascia is normal and happens to all of us all throughout our live, however, when the tension gets stuck, we get stuck! Through lack of movement adhesions start to form which will limit even more movement!

When we start moving these tissues again we have the possibility to free up parts of our body and restore range of motion that we never might have known we had. This movement can also stir up old memories or traumas which caused the contraction in the first place, offering the possibility to release the contractions when met with awareness.

The Bowspring is wavy and has a quality of floating and lightness. We call it a somatically open position, as we are making a conscious choice to make ourselves vulnerable, to open up parts of the body that our nervous system would close per default in order to feel safe.

public classes in berlin


Bowspring is the New Black

20:15 to 21:45 @ Yogatribe
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Bowspring Tuesdays

18:30 to 19:45 @ Infinity Sunlight
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Ghost Bowspring

19:15 to 20:45 @ Ghost Yoga
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Sweet, spicy, juicy, Bowspring

14:30 to 16:00 @ Yogatribe
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Taking private classes is a good idea if you need tailormade guidance to work with an injury, feel uncertain about your practice or hit a plateau in your practice, or don’t have the time nor the will to go to one of my public classes. 

Prices mentioned here are considered an average, if you feel you really are in need of private tuition but don’t have the necessary funds, write me an email to discuss alternative payment options.

Private classes are scheduled in advance and can be cancelled up to 48 hours before the class prior and need to be rescheduled within two weeks of the cancelled date.

Pricing Guidelines



Single private class



Five classes 10% discount


€54 per class


€72 per class

Ten classes  15% discount


€51 per class


€68 per class

radical reset package

In a serie of 10 one-on-one sessions you will learn the Bowspring with utmost care and attention. Each session will cover one of the 10 key areas of the body and will give you a set of exercises for you to practice throughout the week. This package will unlock the opportunity to radically change your body-mind.

You will learn how to reshape and integrate your body and bring back a healthy tone to your fascia to optimize the way you move, breathe and live. You will get back into feeling the body more and we will shed light on (postural) habits that might be lingering in the dark, increasing your self-awareness and ability to respond rather than to react. Brain rewiring guaranteed.

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