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I'm a Dutch Berlin-based Bowspring teacher and Thai masseur. Unlike other movement teachers that have a lifelong history in the fields I started out with a bachelors degree in music. A path that came with many repetitive strain injuries.

Over the years through these modalities I developed a more healthy and harmonious relationship to my body and myself. I would like to share lessons from this journey with you.

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After a few small exposures to Bowspring prior to 2016, it was only then that I really became intrigued by this mind-boggling but crazy feel good approach to movement and mindfulness and started dedicating my practice time to the method. From straight and linear alignment and thinking I shifted to embrace the curves and waves that can manifest in our bodies and being, allowing a soft and fluid steadiness instead of a rigid holding. Learning this new alignment was and is still a humbling experience. Like in science, there is no other way to learn more and grow except for unlearning/letting go of old limiting beliefs first.

The good news? In the words of the Bowspring founder Desi Springer: we’re innocent, we just didn’t know. Bowspring has encouraged me to be more compassionate, open and inquisitive to other perspectives as well as my own. For every hollow, there is a mound. There’s never just one side to the experience, and the invitation of the Bowspring is to integrate all of these perspectives in your practice, to realize the interconnectedness and make a balanced decision that is respecting the whole.  

Before discovering Bowspring I was practicing Anusara yoga since 2010 and teaching since 2013. Among my teachers I’m happy to mention Desi Springer & John Friend, Benita Galvan, Navanita Harris, Tara Judelle, Desiree Rumbaugh, Peter Goodman, Carlos Pomeda and many others.

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I received my first touch of Thai in 2011, through one of my friends who was practicing at the time. My interest got piqued and after receiving several massages I started taking workshops here and there. However, it wasn’t until 2015 that I really fell in love and dove deep into the practice of it, attending several residential trainings at Sunshine House in Greece, studying with Krishnatakis, David Lutt and Pau Castellsague.

Thai Yoga massage has taught me so much about taking care for another person, how to be soft in my approach, how to adapt to someone and finding the sweet spot. It also taught me how to receive, and how to listen.

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