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In recent years, yoga has really blossomed. You can find yoga studios on almost every corner of the street now, but it doesn’t stop there! The many positive effects yoga has on health, well-being, concentration levels and overall performance are also felt in the workplace.

Employers have started to pick up on this and integrated yoga into the workplace as a tool for creating harmony in the team, increasing employee satisfaction and reducing sick days as well as improving performance, innovation and motivation levels of the most important part of their company: their employees.

Here’s a few reasons to consider a yoga class for your employees:

Treating your employees to a yoga class once or twice a week is an excellent way to contribute to a happy, healthy and harmonious team! I will teach the classes in English and translation to German and/or Dutch will also be available. Individual physical coaching can also be included.Get in touch with me to find out what the best solution is for your company.

massage at work

Just as we humans can affect the global climate, so can we affect the climate in our workplace! Keep your employees happy, healthy and relaxed by offering massages at the workplace. The numerous proven benefits are just a google search away, and are ranging from decreased stress levels and increased creativity & productivity to increased job satisfaction and less absence.

Massage length can be adjusted to your and your employees needs and budget, all that is required is a space with some privacy so it is easiest for your employees to relax and maximize the benefits of their session. Get in touch for an offer tailored to your workplace.

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