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I'm resourceful, and I like to share.

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I'm resourceful, and I like to share.

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what I do

Bowspring Yoga classes

Public & private classes in the heart of Berlin.

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Dynamic Thai Massage

Dynamic Thai Massage is a therapeutic massage which can help you recover, relax, restore and renew.

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Yoga at Work

Bring more focus and harmony to the work floor while keeping your employees happy and healthy.

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about me

I'm a Dutch Berlin-based Bowspring teacher and Thai masseur. Unlike other movement teachers that have a lifelong history in the fields I started out with a bachelors degree in music. A path that came with many repetitive strain injuries.

Over the years through these modalities I developed a more healthy and harmonious relationship to my body and myself. I would like to share lessons from this journey with you.

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"Humor, therapy, matter how Daan touches your life, you will be glad he did! Totally recommended experience."

Carrie Lewis

"I've been taking yoga classes with Daan. He takes care of giving personalized attention at the same time that he creates a group feeling. 
Grounded, fun and uplifting."

Pau Marquès

"A practitioner and an ambassador of yoga in the truest sense; Daan's teaching brings awareness, compassion, and connection."

Yoga Tribe

PUBLIC classes


Bowspring is the New Black

20:15 to 21:45 @ Yogatribe
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Bowspring Tuesdays

18:30 to 19:45 @ Infinity Sunlight
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Ghost Bowspring

19:15 to 20:45 @ Ghost Yoga
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Sweet, spicy, juicy, Bowspring

14:30 to 16:00 @ Yogatribe
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